baby sky

2011-12-06 20:13 | 作者:诗韵淳忆 | 散文吧首发

the sunshine is blue and shining through my window in pieces

but i am still in dreams, deep into your heart

i am struggling to open my eyes , expecting to see the real life under the shadow of sunshine

see if you have ever been in my place

wherever you wanna go

whatever you wanna do

whenever you wanna me by your side

oh, just call me and i promise i will stay with you ,never go away

when i draw the curtain.

i find out sunshine is so close to me ,

but i can never touch you because of the distance and many barriers

so far way from my soul where i cant reach

i wanna know if this is a destiny both of us need to follow

till the end of our life .

i dont care where you are or who you are in love with

but whenever you think of me , even just a little bit .

please dont hide

then i ll be right here ,waiting for you forever and ever

through the window

i can see clouds chasing one after another

messing up like a mist i cant seperate apart.

but i ve got you inside my heart ,and know where you wanna go and what you really wanna do

i still pretend i dont know anything about you and keep an eye on you from a dark corner

god is not fair and let us fall apart

what i can only do is look up and enjoy your happiness shining everywhere

b ut i m pretty satisfied cos you are there within the sight of my eyes and heart

i know sometimes i really. really miss you and wanna see you

however, the unexpected blocks the only way for you to see me

raining days ,cloudy here and there

oh my baby just be patient and happiness always emerges after raining drops

we ll be together in the end and let me inside,never be apart

there is always a perfect picture ,sticking to my brain

hoping one day .

we can have an accicental encounter,

and more importantly, we can have the so-called happy ending

that is what i really want, but you ?

remember i ve told you , i love your blue

i dont wanna our relationship to be serene as water, no wavings

our balance need to tip sometimes

but also need to return to balance again at last

if you trust me ,

if you really believe in me ,

i ll tell you i love you

and yes i ll show what love can make our heart together.

thank you !!!