Love waking up

2011-10-20 18:52 | 作者:香香的烦恼 | 散文吧首发

So you don't want anything,Just want to be aloneThen retire,Do not want to love and hurt himself.Don't want to cry for love,Don't want to love for the sake of collapse,Life is so life,Why have such pain,n the pain of love,All the pain only yourselfA person to bear.

So I was tiredLove oath,Nowadays the society is too false,The heart is always elusive,Love, pain, hurt, crying, fall.It is the time to give up,Love waking up,People have figured out,Static a terrible night,Only to see the flashing neon,I "feel empty",Not knowing what to do,Yeah. Do not want to say,Be in pain to death,Can not help but shed tears,Is too fragile,Or they are too believe in love,To bring his scarred.If love is hurt.Why hide the taste!

Know love just wipe a shoulder but lead,But he will know how to meet you not to see.The dream still come,Like winter in winter.Suddenly near or far,Why we can forget.Do not want to forget,For fear they will forget ourselves,"His silly"So with sadness.Now the only wayLeave the past behind to start,Live every new day,Not in the past thing persistent.,Happy will to himself.


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